How strong can self-hypnosis be?

The power of suggestion can be very great. All are well-known cases when groups of cultists were convinced of the inevitability of the arrival of doomsday. At the same time, they brought themselves to such a state that they set themselves on fire and burned alive, that is, self-hypnosis, enhanced by group effects, can be lethal. In softer cases, for example in sports, the ability to self-hypnosis allows you to go to the start in the optimal state

Do polar explorers often get sick at work?

Not sick at all. The poles are so cold that there are no viruses: everything is clean, there is nothing to hurt. However, for a year at the pole of immunity is completely lost due to the fact that the body is so accustomed to cleanliness. And when the station comes a change, a brand new sneezes and we all go sick.

Anywhere except Russia still afraid of a draft?

In Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia there is a concept of draft. In Serbian (as well as Bosnian and Montenegrin) draft will promaja (promaya). The local grandmothers are always careful to make sure that the window-doors were open so as to prevent drafts.

Is it true that the library seal is always placed on the 17th page of the book?

This is an old tradition associated with the technology of printing books. Usually they are printed on large sheets and then folded several times to achieve the desired format. This is called "printed paper sheet", and they measure the amount spent on the production of paper. So here is books standard size require pleats in four times, i.e. standard book notebook accounts for 16 textbook pages. It is believed that the first notebook often...

Are there enough bomb shelters in Russia?

Sixteen pages is the author's sheet, one notebook. From the 17th page the next notebook begins, the second block of 16 sheets. If you put a stamp on the first pages, the notebook can be torn out and scattered on the page, then you will not understand who owns the book. And because it is the first notebook often crumbles, it was decided to stamp the beginning of the second notebook: to close to the beginning, and safely. But this rule applies only

Why don't the clouds fall to the ground?

Clouds are water vapor and tiny particles of water, snow or ice (drops, snowflakes, ice, crystals). They are so small that they can float in the air: gravity is balanced by air resistance. Once they fuse together pairs condenseries — they are getting bigger and they fall down. Therefore, the clouds are dark, where drops, snow, ice, and therefore precipitation can be expected. Cloud white — means is steam, it is a long time in the air.

What are the pros and cons of Russia's centralization around Moscow?

The concentration of population and economic activity in major cities and urban agglomerations is a trend of the current stage of development of the world economy. This makes it possible to ensure a higher level of productivity, diversity and quality of services available to citizens, and ultimately the competitiveness of the national economy. This could potentially lead to an increase in the well-being of all the inhabitants of the...